Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Best Corporate Comedian Navin Prabhakar Performing At Banglore

                     Navin Prabhakar Performing 

                            At Banglore

                      Indiara Nagar Club

best corporate comedian in india

Navin Prabhakar is highly recommended for the Best Corporate Stand-up Gigs In All Over India. 
His forte is to Perform in Every Indian Desi Languages except South Indian Language.

Here In Banglore he performed one and half hrs tottal desi Fun n Laughter including his best Paichankon Act 0f 13 mnts. The Cluib members People and the Navin Prabhakar Comedy fans were giggling and laughing with monster laughter Clapps  .. so many senior Club Members Gave him Compliments that They all are missing his Comedy in TV NOW DAYS.

With the Promise of fulfilling their request Navin prabhakar appreciated all of them .
.. also in the positive note he decided to begin his Digital Comedy show soon.

Even I simply loved the way Anushka Manchanda was laughing infront of thousands of her fans when Navin Prabhakar was perfomring His Paichan Kon. Who can stop laughing.. even I feeling every time the new gig when he performs  then n now..

His uniqueness is Bollywood actors voices and MIMICRY performance.. ppls started shouting once more and navin said pls listen one more rather once more .. for the sake of time.
In tottal the show was a great fun and we thanks to team Indiara Nagar Club Mr Reddy and Mr. NIRANJAN for organising the best laughter show and musical night for them n all of us..
Grt 25th Jan 2018 memories.

Don't forget to Enjoy Best Laughter Navin Prabhakar on Digital Media Very Soon.

navin prabhakar pefoimng at Banglore for his 6000 fans

MANNU ----

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Navin Prabhakar Rocks 3000 Audience with His Laughter Riot


                                   Best Celebrity Comedian from Bollywood 

                                                   Navin Prabhakar                                     


Performed For Indira Nagar Club after 2 Months and very much Excited to Rock Banglore Audiences 
                     Come n enjoy this Laughter Riot By Him 3000 ppl are expected.
                        So waiting banglore ;)

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Navin Prabhakar corporate comedian performing for 6000 Doctors @ Bhuvneshwar

Navin Prabhakar Performing His Laughter Shots At Bhuvneshwar With His 
Power Punch 


For 6 Thousand Doctors From all Around India

corporate comedian

Here you Going To enjoy againThe Best Of indias reknowned corporate comedian Mr Navin Prabhakar With his Nonstop 2 Hrs Laughter Show.
As He Is very well and reknowned Bollywood Stand-Up Comedian, This is his back to Back event at bhuvneshwar, he is performing by Demand. Because the last gig was at dec 29th 2107 he performed there at bhuvneshwar and by public demand he again was called by the same corporate Event Organiser and Promotores of Bhuvneshwar.

I think ppls responce for the bollywood actors voice performance was awessum. bBng on it was actually got once more all time that is also the fevourt list in the performnaces of Navin Prabhakar.

I am sure this gig aslo going to create a repeat value for mr navin prabhakar.

So bhuvneshwar laughter lovers gonna enjoy to navin prabhakar and his live 2 hrs nonstop laughter second time.. cheers and love again.navin prabhakar 2nd time performing his corporate gig at bhuvneshwar

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Best Corporate Comedian Navin Prabhakar


                       Navin Prabhakar Best Corporate Stand-Up Comedian

 Navin Prabhakar's 2hrs Nonstop Laughter Riot 

                                   At Bhuvneshwar with His Power Punch 


as a Professioanl and responsible satndup up Comedian i think all newcomers Stand Up Comedian are started very decorative Abusing In Thier Standup Act As If  likie they all are thinking That its An Art of Trendy Stand Up Comedy.
I think if you want peaple and fans to lovved you and your standup act one should allways keep your toungue and words so clean and meaning full to make your act supper stronger. I love to perform in all the Indian and National languageswhich are appreciated by entire Indain Family and the social audiance. I am so Loving It.

 Today !! pleasse come and enjoy with us , PERFORMING Paichan Kon Navin Prabhakar Live Comedy Show. 
at Bhuvaneshwar 7.30 onwards    navin prabhakar performing his gig at BHuvneshwar